Migraine weather is no fun.

Dear Reader,
We’re on the eve of an awful storm blowing in over the next day or three. The boys’ school has already called and cancelled all on campus events until Monday at noon. So, I guess they technically have a snow day on Martin Luther King Jr. day. My vision is a bit wonky right now and I just don’t feel great. I’m sorry that I don’t have a nifty new post for you today recommending something awesome.

Really, all I can say today is if you’re not feeling well, make sure you take the time to rest and recover. Don’t do like I often do and try to force yourself to do ALL THE THINGS when you’re not up to it.  Because you’ll just feel even more rotten. Trust me on this one.

If you’re in the path of winter storm Harper, please follow all proper safety measures. Make sure you have a plan for if you are snowed in. If you must travel, please for goodness sake, keep a blanket or two in your car in case you get stuck somewhere. Some water on hand is a must for any weather emergency where you have to worry about being stuck. Remember, you want approximately one gallon of water per day per person in your household. Emergency food supplies that don’t require power to make are also vital.

Please, stay safe in the event of being caught in this massive storm. Heh, I guess I did give some recommendations despite my migraine. Dea works through us in many ways.

Originally published: 1/18/2019
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Dea loves us, how do we know?

Dear Reader,
Having a crisis in life makes it easy to question the benevolence of the Divine. Even though I am not a follower of the Abrhamic faiths, I am familiar with the lamentations of Job and the sufferings that he endured. It is a common experience to endure suffering and question if one has fallen out of favor with the Divine.

The question of suffering and the goodness of the Divine is a topic for another day. But, when in the middle of suffering, how do we know that Dea loves us? It is in the moments of relief that come to us during our suffering, the odd times when it is a little easier to breathe despite the burdens we carry. It is in the ability to endure the suffering that demonstrate’s Dea’s love for us because she has given us that ability. It is Dea’s love that helps us to carry on when all seems lost because she is the light of hope.

How do we know that Dea loves us? Because there is hope in this world, no matter how difficult things become, there is always something to hope for. Even if it is the eventual end of all suffering in this incarnation through the passage known as death, there is always something to hope for. Things may be exceptionally grim if the greatest hope you have in that moment is that you shall have your suffering end by way of death, but hope remains.

And hope can be a ladder that can lift us up out of the depths of despair. This is also a sign that Dea loves us. It is an indication that she reaches forth her hand to even the most lowly to raise them up by any means she may, be it spirit or worldly. Hope is a mutual thing that we share with Dea. For she holds hope in us that we may fulfill our potential to be our greatest good and draw closer to her in this life and all lives that come after. This is also love.

Originally Published: 1/14/2019

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Recommendation: Keep a Journal

Image from Pexels.com

Dear Reader,

In today’s digital age, the practice of keeping a journal seems quaint. At the same time, there is a great deal of value to be found in this practice. Firstly, it gives you a record of your experiences for you to consult and consider at some future time. If you are keeping a prayer journal, for example, this is where you can record prayers made and answered. If you are keeping a magical journal, this is where you can record your magical experiments and their results. Journals are wonderful tools that allow us to save information and refer to it in the future.

Revisiting old journals as a habit can help you see how far you have progressed from where you were in the past. It can also help you see what things have been chronic challenges for you and areas where you have growth potential. Some choose not to revisit their old journals, deciding to leave the past in the past. This is a very personal decision to make. But the fact that you have that old journal, regardless of the format it is in (digital, paper, or some combination of the two) means you have valuable information at your fingertips about yourself and your experiences.

Originally Published: 1/11/2019

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Dear Reader,
As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in a few days. My life became somewhat complicated due to some issues with people outside of the family. These issues are mostly resolved but it made for some upheaval. I have been stalled in my writing on multiple fronts because of said upheaval. It’s been hard to get back my equilibrium after getting startled like that. I’d go into more details but they’re not really relevant beyond the fact that I had my world shaken up for a little bit.

I have begun the process of making a backup of older material on here. While I could just use the backup feature with the blog, I honestly have no idea what I’m doing with it so I am going the copy-paste route. The last time I tried using the backup feature here on Blogger, it went awry and I was unable to use it. Fortunately, I didn’t lose any data and it wasn’t a problem. Just a matter of I had no clue what I was doing and I did something not quite right in the process.

I was reviewing my book of shadows and realized that over the last year, I really haven’t done much in the way of magical working or divination. I plan on correcting that. Last year was a really hard year for me because of a particularly severe bout of depression. I’m doing much better now and I hope to meet the goals that I had set for myself last year, this year. And maybe add one or two on for this year as well.

I am in the editing process on the psychic’s handbook that I finished writing in November. So far, this thing isn’t looking too shabby. It is set up in a workbook format. I know it will not translate well to an eBook format. There will be another version without the worksheets being produced for eBook and paperback. I feel a bit bad that I couldn’t add more to this book, but there is literally too much for me to cover in a single book. I did my best to provide a working overview of the topic. Hopefully it will be useful to someone. I wrote it as the book that I would have wanted back when I was trying to make sense of being psychic myself.

Originally Published: 1/11/2019
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Reading for the Intermediate Witch: By Oak, Ash, & Thorn

Title: By Oak, Ash, & Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism
Author: D.J. Conway
Publisher: Llwellyn Publications, St. Paul MN, USA   Date: 1999
ISBN: 156718166

The material in here is a bit dated. The book is twenty years old. At the same time. Conway details ritual practices that are actually highly effective when used properly. She is a well established author whose writings are focused on the practical side of magical studies. This book gives a good overview of the ritual practices that are, in many ways, foundational to modern neo-shamanism within the United States.

Perhaps the most valuable elements in this book is the discussion of how to move in the spirit realms whilst remaining in the physical one. Where Conway focuses on the modern Celtic neo-shamanism, much of what she presents on this topic can be applied outside of that framework.

Equally interesting is the intersection between what’s become commonly accepted knowledge of psychic energy centers and Celtic lore. Her instructions on manipulating and adjusting psychic energy centers and one’s spiritual appearance are well written and easily followed. The discussion that Conway has and her instructions on how to handle spiritual ailments are equally so.

Originally Published: 1/8/2019
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Divination notes: World Quarterly Outlook for 1st Quarter of 2019

Dear Reader,

Because I miss posting about divination, I’m going to start alternating posts about Filianism with posts about Divination on Mondays. Today, I am posting a tarot reading that I am doing for the world at large for the first quarter of 2019. The deck I am using is the Tarot Art Noveau from Antonella Castelli and produced by Lo Scarabeo. The artwork of this deck is strongly reminiscent of that of Alphonse Mucha. Very graceful lines in this deck and light colors. I find this to be a generally positive deck to read with. Even the traditionally more negative cards come up positive aspected more frequently than not.

The spread I am using is pictured above. It is known as the Celtic Cross and is a good spread for general information about a situation and upcoming events. Let me go over the card positions and their meanings before I start laying down cards.

At the center of the cross there are two cards. The card labeled ‘S’ is the signifier card that represents the subject of the reading (also known as the querent of the reading). Covering it is the card at position one which describes the situation or the problem the querent is facing. Card two at the base of the staff is the moderate past card. Card three is the distant past card. Card four is the future with out any change and card five is the immediate past. I usually read the cross portion of this spread in the order of querent’s card, card one, card three, two, five, and card four.

The cross formed, there is the staff to consider next. Card six represents the querent’s hopes and fears. Card seven is their ‘house and home’ or the immediate environment around them’s influence. Card eight is the influence of fate or the hand of the Divine. Card nine is the total outcome. Sometimes it is very similar to card four but sometimes it is very different. Preface made, let’s get to the reading.

Signifier: The Hermit – This card speaks of loneliness and a sense of isolation (be it self imposed or not) from one’s social support structure. This card also speaks of a search for meaning within spirituality.

The Situation: The Fool – This card speaks of new beginnings. At the same time, there is a danger lurking if we are not careful to watch where we put our proverbial feet and rush headlong into every new and shiny opportunity that presents itself.

Deep Past: The Magician – This card speaks of power and of a showman of great skill. It speaks of this person ascending in power on the basis of their bombastic ability to fool the onlooker into believing their slight of hand.

Moderate Deep Past: 9 of Swords – This is a card of dangerous seduction. Duped by the Magician, the maiden of this card has fallen into a trance and is unaware of the dangers that surround her. This is also the card where the seeds of coming conflict are sewn.

Recent past: The High Priestess – Secrets and mysteries are revealed. Hidden knowledge has come to light with mixed results.

Future with out any changes: Knight of Coins – Bold and practical movement forward shall happen. The beginnings of wrongs being righted by way of might. The will of the downtrodden shall be heard.

Hopes and fears: Queen of Coins – Hopes for a stabilizing figure are high. Fear that said figure will be vain and self-absorbed and unable to truly stabilize the situation is equally prominent.

House and home: 8 of Cups – Anxieties about the future trouble the world. Concerns that good times are left behind in the past and that the future brings only calamity and regret are most potent.

Fate’s hand: Knight of Swords – Strife and arguments will come to the heartbreak of many. Fights over what is right and wrong will become bitter. We are advised to focus on the most compassionate way to handle these arguments and to remember the humanity of others whom we disagree with.

Outcome: 2 of Wands – Fickle communication and coy words will begin discussions that lead to major changes on the emotional and spiritual front. Hidden motives drive these discussions and should be carefully investigated before any action is taken on these discussions.

Originally posted: 1/7/2019

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First Quarterly Divination Session OPEN

Dear Reader,

As you may be aware, I perform divination. My favored tool of choice is tarot but I am skilled in a variety of divination processes. It’s been a focus of my study for many years. This year, I have decided to offer a free reading each quarter of the year. This is the first session.

To qualify, please Comment below. Out of the first twenty comments, I will choose someone at random to do a free reading for. (I would use a larger number but I only have a D20 as my highest valued die in my dice bag. Also, I think die is the correct singular of dice but I’m not sure, if I’m wrong, I apologize.)

If you would like to pay for a reading, please contact me via email and we can discuss your needs and payment arrangements. I will happily trade a reading for a reading, so don’t feel shy.

Commenting on this blog and on The Veiled Witch will disqualify you from this session.

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Wishing a blessed Epiphany to you

Dear Reader,

I sincerely wish you and yours a blessed Epiphany day. And a happy New Year to all of you who are not celebrating Epiphany. Within Filianism, Epiphany is the day of the revelation of the Daughter in her Mother’s arms. It is the final celebration of the Nativity season. It is also the Name Day of the Daughter, for the scriptures read that the Mother pronounces:

Her Name shall be called Inanna
For She shall be Lady of Heaven.

It has been a challenging season for myself and my family. Illness has been making the rounds and proving difficult to shake. At the same time, however, there has been a good deal of peace and calmness to our Nativity/Yule celebration that may have helped everyone get better a little faster.

Epiphany is a Greek word that means revelation of something that was hidden. In modern common usage within then English language, epiphany continues to retain that meaning but has also acquired the meaning of sudden insight and understanding. It is my hope that epiphany day has not only brought upon us the blessings of knowing Dea more fully through the Daughter but a sense of insight and understanding of the goodness within humanity through Dea. For the scriptures teach that the human heart is a microcosm of the universe and Dea is present within us as well. May it be that the light of epiphany allow us to see Dea’s presence in others and honor her in all ways.

Originally  Published: 1/6/2019
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Godspousery Notes: How to talk about IT?

I was asked a very good question on a comment a few weeks ago. I’ve been mulling over how to reply to it and I turned to Freyr for advice. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to explain the relationships between different pantheons. It came perilously close to a taboo that I’ve been given and I just couldn’t figure out a good way to parse things. Freyr, being a diplomat and ruler himself, had some interesting things to say.

1. It isn’t my place to dictate how deities relate. What my experience of how deities interact is different from what others experience. All of which is different from how the deities interact with each other and their business with each other.

2. Being a hard polytheist didn’t make me a bad follower of Dea. It may make me a confusing person for people who are soft polytheists and for monotheists, but it doesn’t make my relationship with Dea bad. It just made it different, which is ok because everyone has different needs that Dea meets.

3. In an infinite universe of infinite possibilities, there is an infinite number of ways for deities to interact and they all happen simultaneously. Because of the limited scope of human comprehension, we can only be aware of a limited amount of this information. Every deity that has been worshiped, is being worshiped, and will be worshiped exists. All religions are valid because of infinite possibility. We’re just limited because we can’t comprehend it all.

Freyr then gently reminded me that a bunch of very smart physicists detailed this sort of thing when I was young and that it was silly of me to forget one of the reasons why I fell in love with theoretical physics does apply to theology.

He then told me not to worry about what other people thought about my relationships. It didn’t matter if it looked ‘normal’ or ‘proper’ as long as it was healthy and it worked for me. All of my taboos focus on keeping me healthy and relatively sane. All of my devotional work focuses on health and well being.

The books I write come out of the place of health that I am encouraged to maintain. My daily prayer devotions all serve to give structure to my day, which helps keep me healthy. My daily rituals of devotion again serve to structure my day to help me stay grounded in the present and healthy. The writings are the fruit of that structure.

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Recommendations: Use cotton balls to clean up wax tarts

Dear Reader,

This week’s recommendation is a little bit of a housekeeping tip that I learned from somebody who sells those nifty scented wax tarts. When you’ve used all but a little bit of your wax tart, take a cotton ball and run it around the inside of the still warm bowl of the warmer. It will soak up the melted wax. It may take two or three cotton balls, but it will clean it up right quick and easy. If you save them, they make good emergency fire starters.
Then you have the situation where you’ve basically run out of scent but have a ton of wax left. This is a great opportunity to make your own candle. Tie a cotton string to a pencil and a nail to the other end of the length. Place this in a jar so that the nail rests in the center of your jar. Pour your wax leftovers into the jar and let it harden. And as the majority of the wax leftovers sit in the jar hardening up, you can clean up the still liquid bit left in your warmer with those cotton balls.
If you have access to candle wicks, they work a lot better than your cotton string for making your own candles. To stick the end of the wick with the weight on it down, dip it in your melted wax and quickly stick it to the middle of your jar. Then hold the wick in a vertical orientation (this way your candle burns evenly) and add your wax. If you want to scent your candle, while the wax is still liquid add one to two drops of scented oil. NO MORE.
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