Taking a week’s break from posting.

Dear Reader,

I know that I’m trying to get back to daily posting and here I am saying that I’m taking a week off. This week has a ton of appointments and such scheduled that interrupts my writing time. As such, I will be back next week (gods willing and the creek doesn’t rise) to give you your daily posts. I really need to get my calendar into order. I scheduled too many things in one week. Ugh. See you next week, y’all.

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Recommendations: Pens

Dear Reader,

If you are doing a lot of hand written work, you are going to be on the hunt for good pens and pencils. I’ve already mentioned the Ink Joy pens that I find really useful in my bullet journal and day planner. Today, I wanted to recommend a good felt tipped pen. The Papermate Flair pens have really great color saturation and typically don’t bleed through your paper stock. Even if it’s the flimsy super cheap stuff that they use for the cheapest composition books on the planet. (Not that I have any experience with that one. 😉 )

I tried out the Tombow pens and found them somewhat lacking. They are ok but way over priced when you can get the same results for the Tombow hard tipped pen out of the Papermate Flair pens with more colors for the price of two Tombow pens. I have found that the Papermate Flair pens are really good for artistic work if you like to doodle in your book of shadows or your notebooks. They last pretty long. The set that I have I picked up about two years ago and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. (The Ink Joy pens are finally showing their age after two and a half years of serious use.)

I’ll be discussing brush pens and calligraphy pens in another post because I have opinions on those. I’m a bit picky about them. But, Papermate Flair are a really economical way to add more color to your writing and get the unique visual signature style of a felt tipped pen. I highly recommend them.

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No video post this week.

 Dear Reader,

There is no video post this week because the apartment sounds like an airport again with all the fans. I’ll hope to get one up next week if the weather cooperates.

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Herbalism, treasures, and tools: Apple Mint

Dear Reader,

My garden is overflowing with apple mint. It’s a wonderful plant that has a lot of the same properties of regular mint. It just has a subtle apple aftertaste. Apple mint goes wonderfully with ham. It can be dried and used to make a soothing and relaxing tea that helps with sore throats, just like regular mint. In the dried state, apple mint’s apple-like notes are not as strong. This seems to be the reverse of what usually happens when you dry something. I don’t know why. It could be there’s a problem in my drying technique.

I’d post a picture of my garden right now but it’s raining. Apple mint is a plant that can be started from a cutting rooted in water. I have found that if you root it in water, you’ll want to plant it shortly there after. You don’t need to apply rooting hormone to get this plant to put out roots. In the ground, apple mint produces runners and will spread that way to take over your garden. If you don’t want apple mint popping up in the middle of your hostas like mine is, when you plant it, put it into a bucket with some holes in the bottom. Make sure the bucket is deep enough that the runners can’t get out the holes at the bottom. Then your mint will fill up the bucket and not take over the garden.

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Practical Witchery: Fire Elementals

 Dear Reader,

Way back in February, I did a post about Air Elementals. I have finally gotten my proverbial ducks in a row to write the next installment of this series of posts. This week we’re meeting the Fire Elemental. Now, as I have said in my earlier post, this is not a comprehensive guide. This is an introduction and a guide to working with these spiritual beings.

Where Air Elementals are associated with slyphs, Fire Elementals are associated with salamanders. This is an association that goes back a long way to Medieval European thought. When wood was collected from the forests and put on the fire, the salamander that was living under it that had been collected with the wood, would come crawling out of the fire. This made many people think that salamanders lived in fire and were coming literally from the fire, not the wood. This idea became so prevalent that it stuck with us into modern occult thinking. Some people substitute the salamander with dragons. But, that doesn’t really change much except the iconography of the spiritual being.

Fire Elementals are mercurial in temperament. They are the spiritual embodiment of fire, which means they can be warm, welcoming, and soothing or they can be destructive, terrifying, and harsh. The magical tool associated with Fire Elementals is the Athame or the Sword. (Others associate the Wand or the Stave with Fire, placing the Athame or the Sword with Air. It depends on the tradition you’re following.) They’re typically viewed as hailing from the South. Candles are especially associated with them because, well, fire.

Invoking Fire Elementals can be a fairly routine experience. They make excellent guardians. They can be good advisors because of their ability to shed light upon hidden things. And they are excellent at destroying things, because fire does that. When invoking the Fire Elemental for protection, you should do so with courage. They respect courage and view people with it favorably. If you’re not feeling particularly courageous, still invoke them if you believe they will provide the best protection for you. Because the act of invoking the spiritual aspect of raw fire to protect you is an act of courage.

Appealing to Fire Elementals for assistance with problems is a mixed bag. They’re somewhat chaotic in their workings. With patience, however, you can get a solution to your problem. It may not manifest in the manner you expected, however.

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Check for Practical Witchery topic post tomorrow!

Dear Reader,

This is the first time all day I’ve had a chance to sit down at the keyboard and attempt to type up a blog post. I’ll be posting the practical witchery topic post tomorrow (working with Fire elementals) as well as tomorrow’s scheduled topic. In the meantime, I hope you’ve all had a productive and wonderful day. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. Errand day rolled a natural 20 and my dodge was a critical fail with a 1. I really need to increase my dice pool or something.

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Divination: Rune Study – Dagaz

 Dear Reader,

The rune we’re looking at this week is pretty optimistic. Dagaz is present in the Elder Futhork and the Anglo-Saxon Futhork. No one knows why this rune was dropped from the Younger Futhork. Much of what we know about this rune’s place in history is due to its presence in the Anglo-Saxon Futhork.  It is from the Anglo-Saxons that we have the rune poem that describes the qualities associated with this rune.

Day, the glorious light of the Creator, is sent by the Lord;

it is beloved of men, a source of hope and happiness to rich and poor,

and of service to all. – Source: Wikipedia

The rune Dagaz is one of the irreversible runes. It is associated with good things, as seen in the rune poem translation quoted above. This rune is parallel in meaning as the Sun card from the Tarot. Unlike the Sun card, however, Dagaz has very few potential negative connotations. This rune speaks of hope during times of trouble, happiness, and success. It also speaks of sudden enlightenment and the revelation of hidden things. The rune can also indicate the timing of events, suggesting that an event will be happening in the immediate future.

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The Veiled Witch’s Ritual Book, Vol. 2: A Lokean Devotional

 Dear Reader,

As I had announced earlier in the week, my new book is coming out. The Veiled Witch’s Ritual Book, Vol. 2: A Lokean Devotional is now available for purchase.

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New Book Dropping Soon.

 Dear Reader,

I just finished writing and editing the second volume of The Veiled Witch’s Ritual Book. This book’s focus is on Lokean devotional practices. It’s a slim volume and will only be available as an ebook (unless there is sufficient demand for it to be a paperback, all y’all have to let me know if you want a physical book for this one). It is currently being reviewed by the publisher. I will let you know when it is ready for sale and post a pic of the cover.

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Video Post: A Filianic take on the Catholic rosary


 I haven’t a transcript because I already did a write up on the mirror blog (here) of the Catholic style rosary. The video is my reciting the rosary and explaining how to do it. There’s a few bloopers where things like my notes fell off the desk and I had to pause recording to pick them up. But here’s the link for the write up: https://cydira13.wordpress.com/a-filianic-rosary-catholic-style/?frame-nonce=a084a0f696

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