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Herbalism, Tools, & Treasures: The Athame.

Herbalism, Tools & Treasures: The Athame The athame (pronounced ah-tha-me) is a ritual knife used in most traditions of Wicca. It is often double edged, though the edges are usually blunted. Some say that they must have a black handle … Continue reading

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Blessed Exaultation & Beltaine.

The first of May marks two holy days. In the general pagan community here in the US, Beltaine is observed. It is said that Beltaine marked the beginning of summer in the ancient Celtic calendar. It is one of the … Continue reading

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Divination: Runes – Lesson 2: History

Runes are the ancient written language of the Nordic and Teutonic people. It is believed that they were used for divination. This is an inconclusive.┬áTacitus┬áreported to Rome that he watched a Germanic tribe ‘casting lots’ but it was not written … Continue reading

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Full Moon rite … wait a sec.

First, I must apologize for this post being a week late. Things have been quite busy with the start of school and I simply have not had the time to get this finished by the last full moon (Sept. 6, … Continue reading

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Witchcraft History – Wicca Basics

Ancient Myths & Modern Man Unlike other religions around the world, Wicca* has a very ‘open source’ relationship with mythology and ancient wisdom. As a result, different Traditions** have developed relying upon various aspects of our collective cultural heritage. While … Continue reading

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