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Intermediate Witchcraft: Psychic Safety Lessons

Here is a link to the posts on psychic safety. I will be posting on psychic safety in the future something like a series of lectures on how the mechanics of some of this stuff works. Because if you know how your … Continue reading

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Video 13 & 14: Rosary Magic

Dear Reader, Rosaries have been used for prayer since antiquity. They are part of a long history of using a set of beads to count prayers and meditative phrases. Most people are familiar with the Catholic Christian rosary. The five … Continue reading

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Info Dump: Divination (part I)

Here is the links to the posts on divination on the original Veiled Witch blog. 5/21/2014 Messages via Dreams 5/6/2015 Tarot: Use for Spiritual Growth 5/6/2015 Tarot: Use for Magical Work 9/28/18 Cartomancy: Playing Cards 10/5/15 Cartomancy: Tarot Decks 10/12/15 … Continue reading

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Spell craft: Elementary Cursing

They say if you can’t curse, you can’t heal. It’s an old statement mentioned in pagan and occult communities for as far back as I can get in my research. There’s a lot of variations on it. The one I … Continue reading

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