Thursday Video Post.

Thursday Video Post

I apologize for no transcript for this post. I basically natter on about how I’m coping with life right now. I’m wearing my dark glasses because I currently have a migraine. The music in the background is something random from Dan Gibson’s Celtic Awakening cd.

Originally Published: 12/7/17
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A proposal: Winter Carinval

Dear Reader,

I have a modest proposal for my good friends in the Filianic and Déanic communities, as well as they who follow similar belief systems based upon these faiths. Just as there are many in the Christian community who celebrate the period between Nativity and Lent as a time of great feasting and joyous behavior, I propose that a similar celebration be embraced. Please consider my reasoning for this proposal.

1. It is during this period that the Daughter is most present in the World. She wears the mantle of Princess of the World as her primary role at this time. According to the holy writ, she moves through the World freely. This is a thing that should be celebrated as it is a miracle most holy and joyous.

2. The winter stores may be getting depleted in our households. While we have greater access to things by way of grocery stores than out ancestors did, there are still special things we put buy or make in winter like holiday cookies that we should enjoy before they are out of season. (As my Beloved husband says, this is the time to enjoy the eggnog while it lasts.) Why not do so with great happiness and gratitude for it?

3. The time for turning expectations upside down is traditionally during this ‘season’. Perhaps the embrace of New Year’s Resolutions is a minor manifestation, where we are expecting ourselves to break out of established habits. And perhaps we could include an expectation for greater joy in our lives when all the world seems to encourage us to believe that joy is in small quantity. We have the wonderful ability to manufacture situations where we may be joyful. It is a tiny way to put the world’s expectations of doom and gloom on their head, is it not?

4. It is also a wonderful way to fortify our spirits in preparation for the stern season of Moura and the times of restriction that come with it. While we may look forward to the Resurrection of the Daughter with great hope, should we not also celebrate the life of Her and that holy presence in the world beyond the mysteries of Nativity?

Originally Published: 1/14/18
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Books and Stuff

Hello everyone!
I sincerely hope that the winter has started well for you all. I am finding myself finally on the mend from the string of ailments that rolled over me last month. Cold and flu season is the worst, but I think I caught everything so I will be fine for the rest of the season. I attempted to write a novel, but was too sick to really do that even.

So, I have been editing and revising works. As of this weekend, I have a new edition of A Year with Dea up. In the next few weeks, I will also be putting up a prayer journal for the Filianic season of Advent. I will also be setting up some templates for if you are working on a paper journal and don’t need the prompts in the book version.

As I am working on future works, I would deeply appreciate your support in a financial fashion. Your donations will help fund research and development of new texts. A portion of those donations will also go towards charity, as they will fund the baby hats I am making for the local NICU. It is my hope to branch out to making hats and/or scarves for the homeless this winter. In a little bit, I will be posting more about this outreach effort of mine.

Originally Published: 12/2/17
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Fashion! (And other natterings.)

Hi everybody,

I spent most of November sick. It cut into pretty much everything. I’m presently taking a break from catching up on housework and paperwork to post here. This is my reward for getting work done, because you are all a great source of joy for me.

I don’t talk about fashion because I’m pretty ignorant about trends and stuff. I am trying, however, to move out of my comfort zone and do something new. After going for a while with dyed hair and being bare headed (well, not literally, just no scarves), the dye has washed out and I’m wearing scarves again. It is all just in time for the weather to start getting cold again. In case you weren’t aware, my favorite color is pink.

I don’t know about you, but rayon scarves don’t stay on my head very well. I think it is because my hair is so fine and really has no body to it. My solution today was to take an apron tichel that I made about two years ago and use it as an underscarf. I put the pink square scarf over it all. The end result is pictured below.

I think if I had to change anything about this arrangement it would be to find a bigger square scarf to use. I confess, I catch myself looking at bolts of cotton fabric thinking about buying a full yard square and tying it up. I am still in the planning stages on that one, though. I will be getting my hands on appropriate length and weight fabric to make a period headrail (my big time period geekery era is 10th century Europe, focusing on the British Isles area). I gave away my white pashmina and now am realizing that was a little bit of a mistake. Only a little bit of one, because those are pretty easy to replace.

I’m prating on about other things, so let’s take a look at that picture. I used my antique hand mirror to try to show you the back of the tichel style I did. I may want to acquire another snood to make fighting with my nearly waist length hair easier.

Originally Published: 11/29/17
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Divination Notes: New Moon Reading

Hello, dear Reader,

I have been desperately trying to think of ways to get back into the swing of doing writing work and such. One of the challenges I have been facing is how to get my practice doing divination more active. As a result of a minor brainstorm last week, I have decided to do a monthly reading for what I can expect out of the upcoming lunar cycle on the evening of the New Moon. After all, in the traditions that I was educated by, the New Moon is a particularly good time for things like divination.

I used a Celtic Cross spread. Given below are the cards and their positions. Also, my initial impressions of each card, as per my notes. Some of the impressions may make immediate sense. Others are more due to the deck I was using, which was the Witches’s Tarot from Robin Wood. Those cards have some interesting twists on the iconography of the suits and such.

# Name Card Impression
1 Querent 1 of Pentacles New beginnings,
fertility & growth
2 Situation 9 of Pentacles New beginnings,
fertility & growth
3 Deep
Lovers Marriage &
4 Moderate
6 of Wands Turning within
learning to find
5 Recent
Queen of Cups The Good Mother,
spiritual wisdom,
priestess’s work
6 Immediate
Future w/o
Princess of
Writing, new
beginning, listening
to inner self
7 House &
The Sun Coming to know my
inner child
8 Hopes &
8 of Cups Inspiration, blessings
‘My cup runneth over’
9 Fate’s
Wheel of Fortune Knowing my many
selves, accepting change
the cycles of life
10 Outcome 9 of Swords battling ‘false’ self, hard
struggle with eventual
victory, ‘lightning’ – Tower?
After making my list of initial impressions, I consider the spread as a whole and the different parts of the reading in context. From this, I get my summary. For this reading my summary was the following:
Next month brings a lot of growth, new communication, and spiritual passages. Focus on self, relationships and work – writing & priestly/parental.


Originally Posted: 10/23/17

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Incoming post dump.

I will be uploading here several posts that I forgot to cross post over here. I will link back to the originals.

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Positivity Post No. ???

Video Post: Positivity Post No. ???

** Transcript **


It has been a while since I have posted one of these videos. I’m sorry that I have been so absent. It has been quite a struggle to get much done over the last few months. I am not completely feeling confident in myself right now. That, however, is not a sign that I should not do this.

Sometimes, being vulnerable is a good thing. It is a place where honesty comes from and we can connect on a deeper level than what you would find in what comes when everything is comfortable. Taking risks is hard to do. It is especially hard when we feel like we are too open for harm when we do so. But, sometimes that really hard risk proves less difficult after we do it. And sometimes the rewards of taking that risk are a lot bigger than we dared to dream.

Thank you for allowing me to take this chance with you. And I hope that you have someone equally supportive to help you take the chances that help you grow into who you desire to be.

Originally Published: 10/19/2017
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Back in a day.

Hello, gentle Reader,

I am currently struggling with a migraine. It’s been a thing all day. I will try to post something more tomorrow. Gods willing, this will end quickly.

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Thoughts and Ponderings.

Hello dear Reader,

I have been unwell. I’m actually going to be calling my physician in a little bit to make an appointment to deal with a possible sinus infection. Other aspects of my health are not very well at the moment either. It is making quite a few things challenging.

I woke up today with the hope that today would be the day things turned around. Instead, I found news reports about the massacre in Las Vegas and more details about transgender children being abused. Grief is a reasonable response to such things, especially when you do have a fundamental love for life. I am, however, numb. It is not a pleasant sense of ennui that has been romanticized by certain people.

It is the horrible numbness that comes when you are burned and for a brief moment you can’t tell if you feel as though you are freezing or on fire. It is the numbness that comes when you have learned that someone you dearly love is dying and you are helpless to do anything to even bring them comfort. Or the numbness as you witness a tragedy so great it alters the lives of even the people who come in passing contact with it.

Some would have us say that we have seen evil and it lies in the hearts of humanity (some would say men specifically, I refuse to because all genders have this capacity). The faith of Filianism and Déanism tells us that evil is the fruit of that which is not of Dea. It tells us of the Dark Queen and her servants who function in much of the mythos as the Satan figure does within modern Christianity. We are told that we are fundamentally good, though flawed in our existence in this world because we are at some distance from Dea – who is the source of and the one who sustains all good.

When I take these things into my mind and contemplate the deeds of myself and others, I find myself troubled. The fundamental question as to the nature of evil gets more challenging when we move out of the rarified realms of pure philosophical thought. We find ourselves asking if the person who steals a loaf of bread is wrong? And if they continue to be wrong because they are doing so to feed themselves or another. The list of conditional modifiers that can be hung upon just one simple question makes the question of evil murky and hard to resolve, even when the simplest answer is that it is from that which is not of Dea.

I look to Loki, a much maligned god of the Norse pantheon who many would treat as the Asatrur version of the ‘Devil’. His answer has always been that evil is only evil to they who are harmed by it. It is an answer that many would take great offense over. At one point, I did as well. Then I looked at the horrific things done for the sake of the equally nebulous concept of good. Murder is murder, regardless if it is done on the street over a pair of shoes or an imagined insult or upon the field of battle. When one kills another, it is murder. The value of the act comes from the context, which is more often than not defined by the mindset of the parties involved. (This is one of Loki’s favorite arguments by the way that our perception of good and evil are relative.)

Thus, I find myself drawn to the mysteries of physics. Einstein had some fairly definite things to say about frames of reference and how they influenced everything. Such things could be applied to philosophical or theological questions. But, at what point do we find that we must say that the value judgments are meaningless because they have no direction they move in at the speed of light? It is a question that keeps coming to mind of late.

Is there good or evil? Well, yes. But they are only recognizable in context. That which is good to me may prove evil to you and entirely valueless to someone else. Thus, I question, is there some absolute value that good and evil can be calculated against. Some manner of spiritual equivalent to lumniferous aether or something else that we can gauge good and evil against. In my years of struggling with this question, I have no answer. It only brings up greater questions. And the biggest of them is why people do these horrible things.

The only answer I have been able to come up with is because they think it good and right and proper. And when considered from my frame of reference, they are insane. And the question about why the gods permit such things are even more difficult. It is, however, something to discuss on another day.

May there be healing for all who have been harmed this day.

Originally Published: 10/2/2017

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Full Moon rite … wait a sec.

First, I must apologize for this post being a week late. Things have been quite busy with the start of school and I simply have not had the time to get this finished by the last full moon (Sept. 6, 2017). This rite is one that could be used for pretty much any full moon during the harvest season. What I am presenting here is a fairly generic ritual that can be applied with minimal modification for other deities and faith practices that fall outside of the cultural norm of the USA (mostly Christian).

Like most of the other rituals and spells I present, I use a lay out that is similar to a recipe. Spells have a more focused ‘ingredient’ list and the steps taken are going to be different but the methodology is actually pretty close to the same for these. It is because I believe the more consistency we have in our magical and spiritual lives, the much easier it becomes to access this part of our lives at any given point in time.

For this ritual, it is best if it can be performed outdoors to take advantage of the last of the warm season’s weather. Inclement weather will always demand safety of the participants (and comfort can be a big part of safety so don’t count that out). If you are doing your rite indoors because it is cold and rainy, this is not a problem. (And may actually be an excellent time to acquire some rainwater for future ritual and spellcraft use.) The ritual has a central space for focus, this is the altar space. It can be a table dedicated for this use specifically. It can also be as simple as a coffee table in the living room. A cloth that evokes autumnal qualities is pleasant, but not vital. The rite can be performed with out an altar cloth of any sort or a table. As long as the altar space is visually designated as separate from the rest of the ritual space, that is all you really need here.

Candles are popular. In some cases, the old fashioned flame burning candles are not a good choice. I have found equal success with electric candles as I have with wax. (I do my best to use rechargable batteries with my electric candles to minimize the environmental impact of disposing of batteries. If I must throw my batteries away, I collect them in a safe container and then bring them to places where they are disposed of properly. If you ask your local electronics store or automotive store, they can usually tell you where they are collected for disposal.) At least one candle is dedicated to the deity(s) you are invoking.

In addition to candles on the altar, ritual tools for cleansing and purification are there. As are offerings and some manner of nourishment to be shared with the deity(s) and participants in the ritual. Breaking bread together has long been a blessed sacrament in countless faiths into antiquity as it is an expression of trust and community. If you can not make your own food stuffs for this rite, don’t be troubled. Store bought is just as good (as a certain famous chef has said).

The Pre-Ritual Rites

Prior to this ritual, please make sure that the area is clean and easy to move through. This helps the ritual to proceed easily.

With the altar space clean and ready, place all tools, candles, icons, and food stuffs for the feasting portion of the rite. With the first tool for cleansing the space (I prefer to use incense of a floral nature with pine resin added in.), walk the perimeter of your ritual space. (If you are working in an established, permanent ritual space, the cleansing of the space via spirit is not a necessary step, though it may assist you in entering proper ritual mind set.) As you walk the perimeter, declare the intention that the space be cleansed of harmful and contrary energy to your goals. The first pass around the ritual area complete, place the first tool of cleansing on the altar and then repeat the process with the second tool (I asperge the space with blessed salt water.).

Ritual space established, if a candle is being used to signify the presence of spiritual allies, guardians, and guests, light said candle at this time. As you do so, make your invocation of these beings, making your invitation as specific as possible. This is an excellent time to request your spiritual allies and guardians to ward the ritual space and participant(s) from harm by way of malevolent and contrary spiritual beings that seek to disrupt or otherwise influence the ritual.

Invitations made to those upon the spiritual realms that you desire to have present or witness your ritual, it is now time to invoke your household and personal deities. (In my case, I would be requesting the presence of Ingvi-Freyr; Anna, the Priestess of the World; Mother Marya; and Deam Mysterium.) At the time of requesting the presence of the deities, it is good to state what the purpose of your ritual is and ask their blessing upon it.

The Ritual

The Full Moon rites of Wicca, and related faith traditions, are generally ones of thanksgiving when they are not focused upon magical work. The ritual I present to you today is based in the Wiccan ritual format, as this is how I was trained initially in ritual practices. The Full Corn Moon / Full Barley Moon is the harvest celebration that is closest to the Autumnal Equinox and when the harvest celebration of Mabon (one of the major celebrations of Wicca and related faiths) happens.


Alright folks, I need some help here.

I’m looking this post over and I feel like I am just going on and on. I’m going to take another swing at this, but before I do, I would love some feedback.

Where do you think the strengths of this style of post are? What do you feel is missing? (Other than the other half of how to do this ritual.) I don’t want to be boring you. I worry that this post’s high level of verbage is taking away from the really purpose and goals of this post – to be informative and making knowledge accessible to pretty much anyone.

So, please, take a look at this draft. I’ve been trying to fix it because I have the distinct feeling something is wrong with it. I just can’t place what it could be.

Please post your comments, suggestions, and recommendations in the comments below. Thank you so much for your time and your help. I want to make this the best little blog I can. I need a bit of help to do so.

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