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Community Discussion: Filianic Polytheism?

Dear Reader, I am unsure how to begin today’s post. Reading what is being discussed in the Déanic and Filianic communities, I find myself struggling to feel like I have a place there. I am a person who believes in … Continue reading

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Video # 10: Gratitude.

Transcript: Gratitude is defined as being thankful for someone, something, or some manner of experience. A good deal of people argue that gratitude meditation is going to cure you of depression, exhaustion, or any number of other unpleasant states of … Continue reading

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Devotion when not feeling well.

When you want to engage in daily devotional activity and everything is going well, it can be deceptively easy to do. Doing so when you are not well, overly stressed out, or stuck with such a busy schedule that you … Continue reading

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Opinion: The Benefits of a Devotional Journal

Keeping a devotional journal sounds like a lot of work. People tend to think of the practice of Bible journals when it is mentioned. While Bible journals is a method of keeping a devotional journal, it doesn’t work for everyone. Not everyone is Christian or finds inspiration in the Bible. So, what are the people who are not Christian going to do? And why would they keep a devotional journal? Continue reading

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