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Know Your Meme: Puritan Theology — Magick From Scratch

Recently, a Facebook friend suggested, in a discussion of strange Polytheist ideas, the possibility that we might be re-treading, or being impacted by, Puritan theology. It made sense. Religion is an appendage of culture, and United States culture has been … Continue reading

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Godspousery Notes: Don’t give up.

I have been very depressed and anxious of late. The joys of a mixed episode, I suppose. Just as I have my lowest days, messages come along through some of the most random directions. Memes that on any other day … Continue reading

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Recommendations: Electric Candles

Electric candles get the side-eye from a number of people because they’re not ‘as good’ as the real kind. Honestly, however, they are really handy gadgets that can make your life worlds easier and safer. The tea light variety can … Continue reading

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Delayed Post & An Update.

Dear Reader, I have to delay my post about the athame by a day. I put it away in a really safe place and am having a little trouble finding it so I can post the photo that goes with the article. I … Continue reading

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Godspousery Notes: Hail Ingvi Freyr!

With all of this diabetes stuff, I found myself anxious that I had earned Freyr’s displeasure. This anxiety coupled with all of my other anxiety was making life hard. Loki assured me that Freyr was not displeased with me. He … Continue reading

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Divination: Runes – Lesson 2: History

Runes are the ancient written language of the Nordic and Teutonic people. It is believed that they were used for divination. This is an inconclusive. Tacitus reported to Rome that he watched a Germanic tribe ‘casting lots’ but it was not written … Continue reading

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Exclusive WordPress Content!

Dear Reader, I started out thinking I should do stick figure comics to show off my terrible stick figure drawing skills and a bit of sass. Now, I am being very STRONGLY encouraged by Loki to do those stick figure … Continue reading

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Spell craft: Elementary Cursing

They say if you can’t curse, you can’t heal. It’s an old statement mentioned in pagan and occult communities for as far back as I can get in my research. There’s a lot of variations on it. The one I … Continue reading

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Herbalism, tools & treasures: The Chalice

  The chalice is one of the most iconic images of European art and religious imagery. The most famous is the Holy Grail of Christ, the cup which was used at the Last Supper. An integral part of the English … Continue reading

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What’s going on?

Dear Reader, It may be apparent that my life is in some crisis again. I am feeling rather despondent about this diabetes diagnosis. It is exhausting to count every bite. It is also entirely necessary that I do so, thus … Continue reading

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