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Divination Notes: Runes – Ansuz

The runes are a challenging divination practice. They are one one hand fairly easy to pick up and the base meanings associated with them are simple, single words. At the same time, however, there is a subtle quality to them … Continue reading

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Godspousery Notes: Everything Goes Sideways.

It has been a little while since I updated on this topic. Part of the reason is because I wasn’t quite sure what to say and part of the reason is because life has been hectic. I was sitting here … Continue reading

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Recommendations: Alcohol for Summer Rituals

A pretty large number of modern pagan rituals include some manner of feasting. And an equally large number of them speak of having alcohol as both an offering and for imbibing. There is a plethora of options for including alcohol. … Continue reading

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Video Message: Mindfulness

Hi there, everybody! In this week’s video, I discuss mindfulness. It is a term that is thrown around quite a bit by people who practice meditation (among other things). It is a practice and a skill that actually does more … Continue reading

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Prayer with Intent

I previously discussed the intersection of prayer and our deeds. Looking back over my notes on that entry, I realized, I didn’t do a very good job of explaining the role intention played in prayer, hence this evening’s post. Now, … Continue reading

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Herbalism, Tools, & Treasures: Wands (Pt. 3)

In my previous two posts, I discussed the general history of wands and gave some examples of what you could use as a wand. It is, however, not something that you need to go out and purchase. It can be … Continue reading

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Divination Notes – How to keep them.

Gentle Reader, I realized that I had quite forgotten to put up the second half of the discussion on keeping divination notes. As such, I would like to apologize for this oversight and present it at this time. Just as … Continue reading

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Pagan Parenting: Ethics (pt. 1)

So, my wee heathens have hit the age that they are fascinated by weapons. My eldest has been learning about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War in school. My youngest has decided that Transformers are the greatest thing since … Continue reading

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Herbalism, Tools & Treasures: Wands (Pt. 2)

In my last post for this feature, I talked a little bit about the history of wands in a general sense. Wands are used in so many different forms both magical and non-magical through out all the cultures of the … Continue reading

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Devotion when not feeling well.

When you want to engage in daily devotional activity and everything is going well, it can be deceptively easy to do. Doing so when you are not well, overly stressed out, or stuck with such a busy schedule that you … Continue reading

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