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SAHM to 2 boys and wife of one very busy guy, life never is dull at my place. I love to cook and make things. Fiber arts enthusiast, spinner, and general handcrafter, I do a little of everything. Happily pagan, but that is on my other blog, Veiled Witch's Mirror.

Godspousery Notes: A Witch’s Rosary

So, I was super anxious yesterday when Loki gently encouraged me to make something. (Read drained my computer battery to the point it needed to charge and refused to let me post on twitter or anywhere else because my internet … Continue reading

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Taking a break from writing, to write some more.

Gentle Reader, I am presently working on writing a book. I’ve managed to write myself into a corner. Thus, I am posting here to give you all an update on how things are going. My doctors have made some adjustments … Continue reading

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Personal Post.

Dear Reader, I lack the words to adequately express my gratitude for your patience during my present time of illness. I have been deeply depressed over the last several months. I still am, but I am attempting to reach out. … Continue reading

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Video Post No. 13: Veiling & Practicality

  I apologize, there is no transcript for this post. I do have some additional thoughts to share. It has been my experience that people have a difficult time accepting when someone changes their ways for any reason. When they … Continue reading

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Video Post No. 12: Persistence

I don’t have an exact transcript. This one was off the cuff and a bit more of a rambling monologue. I talked about the fact that being persistent and challenging one’s limits can actually be a good thing. (Plus a … Continue reading

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New-ish Material Coming.

Dear Reader, It has come to my attention that I have not transferred much over from my other blog. I am going to work to rectify this. On Fridays, I will be transferring posts that are backdated. I will do … Continue reading

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Update on the Blog Front.

Dear Reader, I am in the process of preparing for Camp NaNoWriMo. It looks like it is going to be a challenging year for writing. I have set my bar at finishing projects instead of creating something new whole cloth. … Continue reading

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Community Discussion: Filianic Polytheism?

Dear Reader, I am unsure how to begin today’s post. Reading what is being discussed in the Déanic and Filianic communities, I find myself struggling to feel like I have a place there. I am a person who believes in … Continue reading

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Recommendations: Old school compass and pencil.

Gentle Reader, If you’re of the persuasion to draw out your ritual plans, I highly recommend the old school pencil and compass tools. They allow you precision in drawing out circular shapes but as they are written in pencil, they … Continue reading

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Place holder for future content, or something.

Gentle Reader, I deeply appreciate your patience with me. I am utterly exhausted from a long day of running errands and minding the household. The eldest having a dentist appointment wasn’t too bad. It was driving home in rush hour … Continue reading

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