What, exactly, is the appeal of dangerous deities? — Magick From Scratch

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: If there was an adult who was “not safe” for children, we would strive to keep children away from them. No one would brag about being friends with that kind of person. We would understand that an adult is more powerful than a child, and that […]

What, exactly, is the appeal of dangerous deities? — Magick From Scratch

Thena has some excellent points in this post that all people in the polytheist community should take a look at. As someone who is involved with a deity who has a reputation as being dangerous, there’s a line in the sand that doesn’t get crossed. Loki as World-Breaker will shake everything the hell up. Sometimes he does it for the lulz but the end result of him doing it for the lulz is typically mild embarrassment and a reminder not to be so rigid in my thinking. There’s a very D/s dynamic between me and this aspect of Loki. And Loki respects rule number one of D/s dynamics, the real power is in the submissive’s hands. They can say no and walk away at any time and the Dominant partner does not have the right to interrupt that, indeed they are obligated to respect that.

Putting aside the matter of consensual non-consent, because that is its own complicated beast, if you are looking for a D/s relationship with anyone, be it a deity, person, or another spiritual being, you are responsible for your safety as much as they are. That means recognizing the red flags that Thena points out and bugging out ASAP when they come up. A healthy D/s relationship beneath the games and fun of kink is a relationship where all partners respect and care for each other. In that way, it’s just like any other healthy relationship.

Is there fear involved in my D/s relationship with Loki? Well, yeah, to some extent. He IS chaos. He has acquired a healthy amount of influence due to modern cultus over fire that may or may not have preexisted. Chaos and fire can be terrifying, they are terrifying when run amok. But, Loki operates with a healthy sense of restraint with the awareness that I am squishy and fragile because he understand that humans need to be handled with care.

The dynamic between him and I is like the old joke I share with you now:

Sub: I’ll do ANYTHING for you!
Dom: Great, clean your room, brush your teeth, and drink more water.
Sub: Wut?
Dom: Get your shit TOGETHER, that’s what. You’re falling apart.

Special thanks to Thena for writing their post and bringing up this very important topic.

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