Video Post No. 12: Persistence

I don’t have an exact transcript. This one was off the cuff and a bit more of a rambling monologue. I talked about the fact that being persistent and challenging one’s limits can actually be a good thing. (Plus a very minor rant about my 8 year old son’s persistence vs. transformers, with some praise for the glorious thing that is super glue.)

Basically, I have been dealing with a lot of challenges. My therapist asked me earlier this week how I kept going. I don’t recall what exactly I said. It boiled down to “I’m too stubborn to tell when I should give up.” I confess, this trait is why I tend to do things the hard way most of the time. Once I start doing something a certain way, unless you can persuade me, I’m going to continue doing it that way.

But, life throws you curve balls and things can force you to change. (Oh, well, hello there, diabetes.)  Persistence doesn’t always mean being set in your ways. It can also mean pushing to do what must be done despite the challenges in front of you.

Originally Published: 6/7/18

About Cydira

SAHM to 2 boys and wife of one very busy guy, life never is dull at my place. I love to cook and make things. Fiber arts enthusiast, spinner, and general handcrafter, I do a little of everything. Happily pagan, but that is on my other blog, Veiled Witch's Mirror.
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