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Recently, a Facebook friend suggested, in a discussion of strange Polytheist ideas, the possibility that we might be re-treading, or being impacted by, Puritan theology. It made sense. Religion is an appendage of culture, and United States culture has been deeply influenced by Puritans who came to this continent and colonized it. I decided to […]

via Know Your Meme: Puritan Theology — Magick From Scratch

Dear Reader,

A post on one of the blogs I follow got me to thinking about a very good question. What is the source of our theology*? Let me narrow the scope of the question a little more. What influences our personal thinking about deity, the nature of the universe, and our relationships with both? The author of the blog post I linked to above presents a very good argument that Puritans are a very strong influence on the way people in the USA approach the concept of deity.

I would be inclined to argue that the over-culture of the region wherein we live has a strong influence on our theology. Furthermore, I would argue that this over-culture influences how we express ourselves with respect to all matters pertaining to religion. Deprogramming the unhelpful elements of that influence is difficult and it is especially challenging when you don’t have a large community immediately around you to help in the process.

I think, however, the more we look at the earliest influences upon our consideration of matters of theology, the deeper it allows us to go into our relationship with the divine and the universe. And I think, like all other relationships, the more we head into the relationship, the more we can get out of it.

Just something to think about, I suppose.


* I use theology as a general term. This can be interchanged with ‘theaology’ for those who prefer this term. I’m just more comfortable with the term theology and can remember the proper spelling easily. At some point, I may get into the gendered language of deity. I don’t have the energy for it today.

Originally Posted: 4/29/18

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