Quotable Thursday!

Hi everybody!

I am starting a new feature special for Veiled Witch’s Mirror. While on Veiled Witch, I am doing video posts on Thursday’s now, I wanted to do something special just for this blog. If you are interested in the unique content on the original blog, follow this link. Here, however, I am going to start sharing quotes that I think are uplifting, helpful, and otherwise useful and relevant to the themes of this blog.

Today’s quote comes from my Auntie Adrian. She is a gem and full of a lot of wisdom. It was Auntie Adrian and Auntie Shawn who got me started in formal witchcraft. This quote came from a discussion we had when I was trying to make sense of the fact that I can communicate with the dead. I was trying to figure out if I should listen to their advice and direction. This was her reply.

Listen what they say with a grain of salt. There’s a reason why they’re dead.

Have a beautiful day, everyone. Do something that makes you happy, you’ve worked hard all week and earned it.

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