30 Days for Freyr: Day VI – Love

I’ve been struggling with this for a little while now. If you’ve seen my posts on my other blog I have been stumbling along the path of godspousery. In the midst of a couple of really rough days, I asked Ingvi who I was to him. Rather than turning the question back on me, he looked at me for a long moment. Then he said one word, love.

I wasn’t sure how to take his answer. It confused me, to be honest. Then I realized, love is in pretty much everything I do. Each act I take, I do it for love’s sake. Be it the love of family, friends, humanity at large, or the gods, it is done in love. There have been some arguments between myself and Ingvi (and Loki) about how I treat myself. It was with some shame that I realized that I was treating someone who they loved (who many other P/people who are important in my life love) terribly.

I’m striving to fix that. But, that light of love, it shines everywhere. I am wounded and I am afraid to allow that light to shine on myself for fear of seeing those wounds. This, however, is no longer an option. So, I press forward and try to look upon myself with the eyes of love. Because, all that is right in this world, moves for the sake of love.

In my love for Freyr, I am actively working to correct my self worth issues. If not for my own sake, then as a love-gift to him who asks only that I love him.


About Cydira

SAHM to 2 boys and wife of one very busy guy, life never is dull at my place. I love to cook and make things. Fiber arts enthusiast, spinner, and general handcrafter, I do a little of everything. Happily pagan, but that is on my other blog, Veiled Witch's Mirror.
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2 Responses to 30 Days for Freyr: Day VI – Love

  1. Empress says:

    Sometimes our wounds are places where our light and love for others shine brightest ❤

  2. cydira says:

    ❤ thank you. ❤ those are wise words that i will do my best to keep in mind. i'm also adding that as a quote in my commonplace book (personal book of quotes). because that is really something i should look to when i have a bad day. thank you again. ❤

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