Wishing you a blessed Epiphany

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Today is the Filianic feast of Epiphany. In ancient days, the celebration of the maiden goddess Kore happened approximately this time of the year. Kore, like the aspect of Dea known as the Maiden or Anna (others within the Filianic and related community know her by the name Inanna and consider both names to be related), is the daughter of the mother goddess and was celebrated as being revealed to the faithful at this time.

Epiphany comes this year on one of the coldest days of the winter thus far. Within the warm confines of my home, I find myself drawn to gratitude for the blessings that surround me and how this good shows forth the goodness of Dea. It is the final celebration of the Nativity season and one of the first of the new calendar year. I look to the Maiden, who is revealed to us in her mother’s arms, and feel hope for the coming spring.

May it be that the light kindled in the Mother’s arms shines upon you in warmth and love.

Originally Published: 1/6/15
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