The Feast of Conception

Today is the feast of Conception. I have been busy preparing my house for putting up Yule decorations. I looked at where we usually have a tree and felt a bit of sorrow that we couldn’t afford to purchase a tree for this year. I knew that we had a small artificial tree with an assortment of ornaments on it. I was not happy with it but I acknowledged that this was what we had.

Then, my sister-in-law came over with a tree for us. It was an unexpected delight that made me feel a bit cheered for the season. While others may declare that this is purely an instance of human action, I take it as a sign of Dea’s generosity. She heard my wish for an actual tree and sent it to me by way of my sister-in-law. It is a small miracle, but in the world of men, small miracles are just as wonderful as major ones.

It is Dea’s abundance of love and her desire to see to it that we are well taken care of that she births her daughter. It is Dea’s love that gives us the holy Child and our guide back to her arms. So, it is with joy that I await the holy Child and celebrate this season.

Originally Published: 12/8/14
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