Future Posts!

Gentle Reader,

I thank you for taking the time to peruse my little blog‘s mirror site. There is material on the primary blog that is not featured here.  It is my intent to post on my primary blog on Sunday and Tuesday of each week, when life permits. I will be updating this site on Wednesdays, again, when life permits.

The material that will be covered in future posts can be shaped by YOUR input. Feel free to post questions in the comments of this site or on the primary blog. Postings on the primary blog will get a faster response, but please don’t let it stop you from posting here.

I will be mentioning projects that I am working on at times in my posts. Links to these projects (including but not limited to an updated version of Rose Petals, a dream interpretation handbook, a book of my mystic visions, and a book of religious poetry) will be on my primary blog as they come to completion.  Materials that I present on these blogs are available for reference and use, with proper attribution. If you wish to use a portion of my material in something that is to be published for profit, please contact me at cydira@aol.com for permission to be given via writing.

As always, I deeply appreciate your time. Thank you again. May Dea bless you and your loved ones.

Lady Brythwen Sinclair

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