Spell Craft: Direct Magic



Direct magic can be defined as: action taken on the spiritual body of the target intended for a specific result that is created by way of immediate consequences of said action



Direct magic can be performed by various methods. They generally fall into two categories: physiological action and psycho-spiritual action. Physiological action is the method that requires physical activity to activate it. Thereby, if the magical act under taken requires one to touch the target, ingest a charmed item, or otherwise physically interact with the spell, this falls under physiological action. Under this heading would fall everything from incantations spoken whilst laying on of hands to the fine art of herbalism.



Psycho-spiritual action requires that there is no physical contact. This would include trance inductions to manipulations of the bio-spiritual energy field (also known as the Aura) to the speaking of a blessing over an individual. If one does not have to physically interact with the spell components but are a direct recipient of the effects, this would constitute psycho-spiritual action.



Examples of direct magic include:



  • Aura reading
  • Laying on of hands (also known as faith healing)
  • Trance work (a subset of guided meditation)
  • All forms of herbal methods that require ingestion and/or application of an herbal preparation to the body
  • Mediumship
  • Psychometry (the receiving of psychic impressions upon handling an object)

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